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Personal Climate Control Systems

Driving New Industry Standards in Wearable Technology

Coliant Corporation’s Personal Climate Control Systems (PCCS) have been developed to keep a person in a state of thermal comfort with the push of a button.  These systems have become the benchmark of heated clothing lines in the market place.  

Our heating systems can be embedded into wearable garments using our patented Microclimate Technology™.  Since 2010 this cutting edge technology has been run through a gamete of tests in some of the most unforgiving environments on the planet. In both manned and un-manned tests, Microclimate Technology™ has either met or exceeded the desired expectations from major OE manufactures, retail consumers and the Department of Defense.

Our innovative use of carbon fiber, built-in smart controllers, and a mobile device interface allow for a multitude of adaptive capabilities, including autonomous human homeostasis systems.

Our engineers have over 50 years of combined experience developing and working with Microclimate Technology™. We are experienced in deploying this technology into a variety of smart clothing such as; jackets, pant, gloves and footwear. Using mainstream tools including Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC's) and Smartphone Apps our systems will outperform any other heated garment in the marketplace.

Coliant Corporation is a full service supplier and can assist companies in all areas of their smart garment programs.  No matter where your company is at in their smart garment program Coliant Corporation can assist.  


Customers of Coliant Corporation have the option of:


Purchasing Existing Coliant Garment

If a client would like to develop a smart garment program quickly they can purchase one of Coliant’s existing garments that is already in production.  With Coliant being a full service supplier we have packaging, manuals and other elements needed to bring a smart garment to market quickly.

Modify an Existing Coliant Garment

Some clients require a garment with specific features but do not want the ~18 month lead time it can take to develop a new garment.  Coliant can alter an existing garment and make the required modifications to fit the specifications of a particular market.  Slight changes can be made to packaging, manuals or the other elements needed for a quick and successful launch.

Incorporate MicroClimate™ Technology Into Customer’s Existing Garment

Customers have the option of taking an existing product within their line and work with Coliant Corporation to incorporate smart technology into their garment.  With this model the customer has the added benefit of taking a successful product and making it even more valuable to their customer base.  

Design and Build a Completely New Garment

Customers that are looking to create an entirely new garment will find that Coliant Corporation is the company that can deliver.  Our staff will work with your product team to develop a prototype  to the determined specifications, conduct any necessary testing and put the product into production in the lead time required.  


 Microclimate Technology™, Personal Climate Control Systems™, Carbon NanoCore™ and DuraCore™ heating elements are trademarks of Coliant Corporation.